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Date : 2017-06-23 오후 5:25:25
M&A with REMED CO.,LTD file : BIONICS Announcement_REMED_MNA.pdf
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Dear all customers and dealers across the globe

We take this opportunity to announce that in order to move upward BIONICS Co.,Ltd has decided to join partnership with REMED Co.,Ltd as of June 1. 2017. Their strength is not only their vigorous R&D activities but their reputation for aggressive and strategic marketing team is well known among medical companies in Korea. Thus, we took the opportunity for them to take the part in the sales and marketing as well as R&D area and we remain to focus on only quality and production.

We strongly believe that this merge is not going to affect your cost anyway possible whatsoever but we expect that BIONICS brand and you will be supported by new planning system, with strong R&D and quality maintenance system and more effective marketing techniques.

Again, thank you for your decade of kind support and interest in BIONICS brand and we will serve you with better and more ideal features as well as more sustainable and fruitful business for you.

Thank you.

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